BMW Sauber F1.09: Technische specificaties

BMW Sauber F1.09

Chassis: carbon-fibre monocoque

Suspension: upper and lower wishbones (front and rear), inboard springs and dampers, actuated by pushrods (Sachs Race Engineering)

Brakes: six-piston brake callipers (Brembo), carbon pads and discs (Brembo, Carbone Industrie)

Transmission: 7-speed quick shift gearbox, longitudinally mounted, carbon-fibre clutch KERS electronic system, BMW Sauber F1 Team

Chassis electronics: MES

Steering wheel: BMW Sauber F1 Team

Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza

Wheels: OZ

Dimensions: length 4,690 mm, width 1,800 mm, height 1,000 mm, track width, front 1,470 mm, track width, rear 1,410 mm

Weight: 605 kg (incl. driver, tank empty)

BMW P86/9 – engine

Type: naturally aspirated V8

Cylinder angle: 90 degrees

Displacement: 2,400 cc

Valves: four per cylinder

Valve train: pneumatic

Engine block: aluminium

Cylinder head: aluminium

Crankshaft: steel

Oil system: dry sump lubrication

Engine management: standard ECU (MES)

Spark plugs: NGK

Pistons: aluminium

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